Sissy Anal-Eze Gel

Sissy Anal-Eze Gel

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Get ready to take your playtime to the next level with our Maximum Strength Desensitizing Gel. Designed with sissy boys in mind, this unscented, smooth and slick gel will help you achieve the ultimate pleasure.

With a maximum strength formula containing Benzocaine, Carbomer 940, and Triethanolamine, this water-based cream will desensitize your most sensitive areas, allowing you to explore new levels of pleasure. The gel tube contains 1.5 oz of product, giving you plenty of playtime to explore.

The smooth and slick texture of our desensitizing gel makes it easy to apply and use during your playtime. The water-based cream is also easy to clean up, making it a practical choice for sissy boys who want to explore their fantasies without any mess.

In conclusion, our Maximum Strength Desensitizing Gel is the perfect way to sissify your playtime. With its unscented, smooth and slick formula, you'll experience intense sensations like never before. Order now and get ready to explore new levels of pleasure!