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Inflatable Sissy Anal Expander Plug

Inflatable Sissy Anal Expander Plug

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"Experience the ultimate in anal expansion and feminization with our Inflatable Sissy Anal Expander Plug. This unique and versatile plug features an inflatable design that allows you to customize your level of anal stretching and fullness. Made from body-safe silicone, this plug is comfortable to wear and easy to clean. The easy-to-use pump allows you to gradually increase the size of the plug, while the quick-release valve ensures you can deflate it when you're finished. Whether you're looking to try out new anal play or just want to add some sissy flair to your bedroom fun, this plug is the perfect choice. Order now and take your sissy adventures to the next level!"

  • Material: Liquid Silicone
  • Discreet packing

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