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D Cup Slip in Silicone Breast Forms

D Cup Slip in Silicone Breast Forms

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Our new slip in breast forms will instantly give you the feminine chest you’ve been craving! Made with convenience in mind, these breast forms quickly and easily help you fill out your favorite bra. There are marks on the inside of both two sides to help distinguish between left one and right one. Achieve a flattering feminine chest in moments with our all-new forms!

2. Features / Description

This set of breast forms comes as a pair. Manufactured with convenience and user friendliness in mind, these breast forms are made to quickly slip into your favorite bras, filling out your cups with the shape you’ve always wanted.

These forms can be adapted to suit your budget, skin tone and style. Available with a choice of two options for filling, both of superior quality; elastic cotton or silicone gel. Moreover the range of four skin tone options means you should be able to find a close match to your natural tone. The teardrop shape will give you a perfect feminine silhouette every time you wear them!

These forms do not have any adhesive surfaces to ensure that they are easy to store, clean, and pop into your bra at a moment’s notice.

3. Suitability

Our D Cup silicone breast  forms are ideal for any crossdresser looking to enhance their femme bust line or figure. Popping these forms into any correctly sized bra will instantly fill out your cups. These are convenient, quick and will expand the range of tops you’re able to confidently wear while dressed.

4. Matching

These breast forms can easily be coordinated with any number of amazing outfits. These are made to sit in a securely fitting bra. Once situated comfortably in the bra cups, you can think about all of the wonderful possibilities.

Tops or dresses with high necklines and covered shoulders will hide the top and side edges of the forms. Form fitting or Body contour dresses will be ideal to show off your lovely new shape.

These are also the perfect forms for everyday use. Popping them on even with just a T-shirt will make you feel incredibly femme!





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