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Sissy Maid School Part I

Sissy Maid School Part I

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 Welcome to Course 1 of your sissy maid training! This is a starter how-to guide for the beginner sissy maid. Here you will learn the basic knowledge and skills you need to know to be the perfect sissy maid that you and your Mistress/Master desire. Whether you are just beginning your sissy training or looking for a refresher course in the basics this is the guide for you. You will gain the skills you need to push you in the correct direction towards your ultimate goal of becoming your true self.

In Course 1 you will learn everything from the basics of personal care and hygiene, how to properly curtsey to your Mistress/Master, how to incorporate your sissy maid outfits into your daily life, as well as the proper way in which you should begin incorporating daily chores such as dish washing, laundry, ironing and the basics of baking. This book should not only help you become more feminized but should also serve as a guide in which you can reference often during your sissy training. 

After you and your Mistress/Master feel satisfied with your progress you should move on to the more advanced courses in this series. The next course will dive into tea service, the proper way in which a table should be set, party planning and much more.

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