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G Cup Tube Top Breast Forms

G Cup Tube Top Breast Forms

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Tube Top Breast Forms are a practical and effective way of granting yourself a convincing cleavage. This product gives you a perfect chest that requires little to no effort. They look, move, and feel like the real thing, making your silhouette look much more feminine.

These tube tops are much lighter than our complete vests and have no straps, which makes them super easy to wear. They also look good in most outfits, such as bustier-type and strapless clothes. Besides that, you can use them in a way that leaves more of your own skin exposed. It makes this product not only more authentic, but versatile as well.

As with most of our breast forms, this one is made of high-quality, medical-grade silicone. You can easily stretch it since the material is resistant and durable, making it suitable for various body types. Besides that, the product blends seamlessly with your skin since it has a realistic lifelike texture.

The product’s structure resembles a standard bra, making it easy to wear, which might be its most significant feature. It creates a great volume in your chest, with breasts that look real and move in response to gravity. Besides that, it’s pretty comfortable and easy to wear, allowing you to endure more extended sessions. The shape and size also improve the airflow, dissipating the heat and allowing your skin to breathe properly. This product also includes a pair of realistically sculpted nipples, which enhances realism.

Regarding personalization, you can choose between two types of filling for the breast forms. Elastic cotton is cheaper and lighter and still provides a decent cleavage. Silicone gel, on the other hand, is a bit more expensive. But it gives you a more realistic feel and better movement for your breasts. Another option for a more natural result is our mold line removal services for an extra fee. These breast forms are available in 4 different colors for you to choose from.

This product is suitable for any MtF cross-dresser. It neutralizes one of the significant differences between male and female anatomy, which is excellent for all of our sisters.

You can match these breast forms with other Sissy Lux products to feminize your whole body. Our nip-enhancing pants are a great option to improve your silhouette, while masks and wigs will complete your transformation. Besides that, we also have a range of bras and lingerie to enhance your look.





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