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Sissy Feminization Academy: Femme Fabulous Part I

Sissy Feminization Academy: Femme Fabulous Part I

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Whether you are just now beginning to explore your sissy tendencies or if you are simply in need of a refresher course into your sissy femmdom, this is the right book for you. Here you will learn exactly what it takes to become a well-rounded sissy boi. Every true sissy boi knows that practice is essential to their lifestyle. This book should be used throughout your sissy training as a reference guide whenever needed.

In Course One of your Femme Fabulous training, you will be learning the essentials of becoming a proper little sissy boi. You will learn how to find the perfect wardrobe items that make your assets shine, learn the proper way in which makeup should be applied, how to walk in high heels, the importance of incorporating feminine mannerisms into your daily life, and much more.

Once you have completed the basics in Course One, you can move onto Course Two, where you will learn the proper way to train yourself to have a new more feminine voice as well as proper sissy etiquette, image enhancement, and mastering your personal and physical appearance in public. After finishing both Course One and Course Two of your Femme Fabulous sissy training, you are sure to be the proper little sissy both you and your Mistress desire.

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